What is an average K/D ratio in Fortnite?

Nicholas Barth
Average Fortnite KD

In a shooting battle royale game like Fortnite, K/D (kill/death) ratio is a great parameter to judge one’s skill level. Here’s the average K/D ratio in Fortnite that will help you evaluate your mastery.

Kill to death ratio or KD is one of the most popular statistics for competitive multiplayer games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Warzone, and Apex Legends. It shows how often a player gets eliminations compared to how many times they have been eliminated.

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This is especially the case for Fortnite, as having an above-average KD can prove that you have great skill, while a below-average one may show that you need to work on your game if you are looking to be a more talented player.

The average Fortnite KD is what you will want to look at when deciding whether or not you are ahead of the pack, behind it, or right in the middle with the majority of players.

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Your K/D in Fortnite can be quite different in Build and No Build modes.

Average Fortnite KD

Players will find that the average Fortnite KD is 1.00, as this is one kill for every death they have. This 1.00 figure means that players with a ratio lower than this are considered to be below average, and players with a higher number than 1.00 are considered to be above average.

However, various circumstances can impact the overall picture. Deaths not caused by other players count towards your KD, which means that dying by falling off of a cliff or by your own explosive weapon will count towards your overall KD. So, you may have a tad less than a 1.00, but it’s not necessarily because you lost to enemy players constantly, so do not fret as much.

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On the flip side, having a number over 1.00 means you get more kills than deaths, which is always helpful for getting a Victory Royale in the popular game.

A 1.5 to 2.0 are excellent ratios to have. At the same time, numbers way above the average Fortnite KD, such as 3.00 to 5.00, are extremely rare and often held by professional players or content creators and are not very realistic for players who play on a much more casual level.

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The average Fortnite KD is a great place to judge where you are currently as a player and whether or not you need to improve on your eliminations or keep your strategy right where it is.

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