FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Season 2 will finally relegate Division Rivals players

Nathan Warby
Ronaldo celebrating in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 players have been urging EA to bring relegation in Division Rivals all year, as fans have been getting stuck in ranks too high for them. In Ultimate Team Season 2, fans will finally get their wish – but there’s a catch.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team brought in a host of changes to the popular Divison Rivals mode, doing away with the skill rating-based system of previous years and going for a ladder of progression, complete with checkpoints.

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The new system didn’t require as much of a time commitment each week and made qualifying for the FUT Champions Play-offs relatively straightforward, but players soon started getting stranded in high divisions unable to win another game.

Fans have called for EA to bring back relegation in Division Rivals, and their calls are going to be answered in FIFA 22 FUT Season 2 when it drops on Friday, November, 12.

FIFA 22 Division Rivals

EA confirmed on Twitter that FUT Season 2 will come with a reset to Division Rivals progression. But, rather than allowing players to be relegated by losing games during the season, every Rivals player will receive a one-off relegation.

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They also said that instead of sending every player back down to Division 10 to start from scratch, the number of ranks you drop will depend on which division you end Season 1 in.

FUT Champions players can rest assured that they won’t lose any points or tokens when Season 2 arrives, but any unfinished runs in the Play-offs will be reset back to the beginning.

The final change will see the number of FUT Champions points needed to qualify for Play-offs in Season 2 increase to 2,000.

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How does Division Rivals relegation work in FIFA 22 Season 2?

Division Rivals ranks in FIFA 22

Any player who finds themselves in Division 6 or higher come Friday will drop down two ranks – including those in the Elite Division. Those in Division 7 or 8 will be relegated by just one rank, and anyone in the bottom two ranks will stay where they are.

While this isn’t the return of relegation that fans have been asking for, it will certainly please those who have been stranded in high divisions for weeks that they will be able to make Rivals progress once again.

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It’s also a win for elite players, who won’t have to slog their way back from Division 10 to start earning the best rewards again.

EA is yet to reveal if they have any plans to change up the format later on in the season if players begin to hit a skill wall as they did in Season 1.

Stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for the latest updates and changes coming to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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