How to complete Thiollier’s questline in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Souhardya Choudhury
Elden Ring St Trina

Thiollier’s questline is vital to the story in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, so make sure that you complete it in your first run.

You can start the quest quite early in your DLC run as Thiollier is located in Gravesite Plain itself. However, upcoming locations and dialogue choices might be quite tricky for even the most veteran souls players, so here’s how to complete the entire questline.

All steps to complete Thiollier’s questline

Find Thiollier in Gravesite Plain

As make your way through Gravesite Plain and meet all the NPCs, you should go ahead and interact with Thiollier as well to start his questline. However, he is a bit farther than the others, as you will find him in the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace.

Pillar Path Cross Site of grace in Elden Ring
You will first meet Thiollier at Pillar Path Cross.

Speak to him and exhaust his dialogue completely. Now, return to the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace and speak to Sir Moore again. He will hand you over the Black Syrup and will ask you to give it to Thiollier, and all you have to do is simply complete that task.

Find him again after the breaking of the Great Rune

As you approach Shadow Keep, you will hear a shattering sound and will get the message that a Great Rune has broken. Simply return to Thiollier once again then find a new dialogue where he reveals his wish of meeting St. Trina.

Beat the Golden Hippopotamus or head to Cerulean Coast yourself

As you head into Shadow Keep, you will have to face the Golden Hippopotamus. After you have defeated it, simply head back to Thiollier to learn that he wishes to head south, to the Cerulean Coast to search for St. Trina in the Stone Coffin Fissure.

However, if you have visited this location yourself and defeated the boss, you can direct Thiollier yourself.

Garden of Deep Purple in Elden Ring
Head over to the lower end of the map to progress the quest.

Head over to Stone Coffin Fissure

Head over to Stone Coffin Fissure, which is basically inside a massive hole, located in the southernmost tip of the Cerulean Coast. Carefully make your way down this coast to reach the first Site of Grace in this location.

Keep in mind that this location can only be accessed after the shattering of the Great Rune, and will have a bunch of enemies like blobs, Bloodfiends, and Gravebirds. Once you reach a Site of Grace with a bunch of animals around it, and that leads to a dead end on top of a statue, know that you are in the right place.

Defeat the Putrascent Knight

You’ll have to jump all the way down from the statue, and you will drop into a boss arena. Now, you will have to take on the Putrascent Knight, which can be a rather difficult battle if you are not fast with your dodges. Summon your favorite Spirit Ash, and get ready to fight against this enemy.

To make this fight easy, you can use the Blasphemous Blade‘s skill, Taker’s Flame, from a distance while your summon keeps aggro. This way the fight will be quite shorter and you should be able to beat the boss easily.

However, be wary of the AoE blue flame attack that the boss will do after when it’s at 50% health, as it covers a massive area and is quite difficult to dodge. Sooner or later, you will be able to defeat it easily with the Blasphemous Blade trick.

St Trina Elden Ring
You will find St. Trina in the cave.

Find Thiollier in the Garden of Deep Purple

Here’s where the lore-heavy aspect of Thiollier’s quest starts because as you head inside the cave connected to the boss arena, you will find none other than St. Trina residing there. If you interact with her and imbibe the nectar, it will immediately kill you.

Thiollier will be there right inside the boss arena, as he evidently consumed the nectar himself, in an effort to hear St. Trina’s words. However, he is quite sad that he can’t hear anything despite trying his best.

But, you will have to deliver her words yourself, so imbibe the nectar four times to start a one-sided conversation with St. Trina. Now keep drinking it until her dialogue is exhausted, where she will ask you to kill Miquella and prevent him from becoming a god.

Speak to Thiollier here and let him know of St. Trina’s words, even though he will suspect that you are lying and will threaten you. Once you have exhausted his dialogue, rest at the nearest Site of Grace.

Defeat Thiollier

Thiollier will now invade your world after you have rested and will try to kill you. However, defeating him should be quite easy as Thiollier is quite weak compared to other bosses and NPCs. Once you have defeated him, you will get St. Trina’s Talisman.

Thiollier in Elden Ring
Thiollier will be left injured after being defeated.

Now head back to St. Trina’s cave and interact with Thiollier again, and then again after resting at the Site of Grace another time. Now he will ask you to reveal St. Trina’s words one last time before laying there in agony.

This will wrap up Thiollier’s questline and will enable him to be summoned at the final boss fight in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

With the Elden Ring DLC proving to be an extremely challenging experience for even the souls veterans, make sure that you don’t miss such quests in Shadow of the Erdtree, as you can get some of the best weapons to take on the difficult bosses in the game.

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