Should you use Iris of Grace or Iris of Occultation on Fire Knight Queelign in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree?

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Tarnished standing in a courtyard in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The quest surrounding Fire Knight Queelign in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree presents a difficult choice right at the end. Upon finding a wailing Queelign inside Shadow Keep, you’ll have the option of giving him an Iris of Grace or an Iris of Occultation.

You’ll receive different dialogue based on your choice, and more importantly, a different reward. So, here’s everything to know about Fire Knight Queelign’s quest and whether you should give him the Iris of Grace or the Iris of Occultation in the DLC.

Should you use Iris of Grace or Iris of Occultation on Fire Knight Queelign?

We recommend using the Iris of Occultation on Fire Knight Queelign. With that said, the choice boils down to which reward you prefer. By using the Iris of Occultation, you’ll receive Queenlign’s Greatsword. In contrast, giving him the Iris of Grace will lead to Queelign turning into a Spirit Ash, meaning you’ll be able to summon him during boss battles.

Most players are already quite comfortable with their Spirt Ashes and probably maxed out their level before starting Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. This is why we recommend opting for the Greatsword instead. But if you want to use a Fire Knight in battle, feel free to take the other route.

Where to find Iris of Grace

The Iris of Grace is located in the Specimen Storehouse within Shadow Keep. To get here, take the corridor placed in front of the prayer room and turn left towards a bridge heading outside. You’ll find a lift at the end of the bridge that’ll take you to the storehouse. Once you arrive there, activate the Storehouse, First Floor site of grace.

Storehouse view from a balcony in Elden Ring
You’ll be surrounded by Living Jar enemies after jumping down.

Now, turn left until you reach another lift heading downwards. Once it comes to a halt, head straight then turn right. Keep heading down the corridor until you’re ambushed by one of those hideous pot enemies. Go into the balcony it lept out of, jump down, and you’ll land at the base of the Storehouse. The item you’re looking for will be right in front of you.

Where to find Iris of Occultation

The Iris of Occultation can be found within Shadow Keep as well, but we recommend grabbing it at the Fort of Reprimand instead. To get it, head south from Moorth Ruins, gallop past the Ghostflame Dragon and you’ll arrive at the fort’s entrance.

From the entrance, turn left and you’ll be able to spot a hole to jump into. This will drop you into a pit packed with corpses. Carefully move forward as you’ll be attacked by an Omenkiller enemy. Defeat it to get the Iris of Occultation.

Omenkiller enemy in Elden Ring
Omenkillers aren’t the most formidable of foes but they can ruin your day.

Fire Knight Queelign quest explained

The quest linked to Fire Knight Queelign kicks off after your first encounter with the NPC inside Belurat, Tower Settlement. Go through the legacy dungeon and eventually you’ll arrive at the Small Private Altar site of grace. From here, take the stairs on the right, then turn right past the Hornsent Warrior, and you’ll find yourself in a courtyard with a tree at the center and gravestones all around.

A courtyard in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree
Besides Queelign, be wary of the Shadow enemies lurking around.

Queelign will invade your game shortly after and attack you following some discouraging comments. The fight against the Fire Knight isn’t particularly difficult. Make sure you close the distance as quickly as you can and go on the offensive. He is lacking in poise so STR/DEX builds should be able to interrupt his attacks pretty easily, just roll away when you see him trigger his Ash of War by conjuring fire around his sword.

Defeating Queelign will reward you with the Crusade Insignia. For the second part of the quest, you’ll have to defeat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, and gain access to the Scadu Atlas region. Once there, head west and you’ll be able to spot a ruined building on the horizon. Named the Chruch of the Crusade, entering the building will trigger another invasion from Queenlign.

The fight plays out in exactly the same way, except this time you’ll receive the Flame Skewer Ash of War and the Prayer Room key.

For the next steps of the quest, you’ll need to go through Shadow Keep’s Chruch District. To get here, go all the way down into the crater inside Moorth Ruins, then take the ladder heading up, which will bring you to Bonny Village. Get to the other side of the village and head down the rope bridges. Keep heading straight and past Rabbath’s Rise until you arrive at a gateway leading to the Church District Entrance site of grace.

Church District site of grace map location
The Chruch District’s streets will be flooded when you first arrive.

From here, you’ll need to hop from rooftop to rooftop until you reach the gaping hole that lets you jump onto the rafters. Once there, carefully look around and you’ll see a balcony to the right with a door near it. Drop down to the balcony, open the door using the Prayer Room key, and you’ll find Queenlign lying on the floor in dismay.

Shadow Keep Prayer Room door in Elden Ring
Drop down to the rafters and the Prayer Room will be within sight.

Interacting with the NPC will lead to a bit of dialogue, with the Fire Knight begging for an ounce of Marika’s light. To put him out of his misery, you’ll need to collect either the Iris of Grace or the Iris of Occultation.

Shadow of the Erdtree is packed with secrets like these that can be easy to miss. So, make sure to check out how to get the Solitude set and the Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword.

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