How to defend in EA FC 24: Tips & tricks

EA FC 24 gameplay with Real Madrid and PSGEA Sports

The defending mechanic in EA FC 24 is a crucial factor that often decides the winning team in several online and offline matches. Having a strong attack isn’t enough, and learning to defend your goal is equally important to win competitive matches. So, here’s how to improve your defending in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 replaced its predecessors after EA ended its partnership with FIFA, coming in with a lot of new features implemented in the game such as Hypermotion V, women players in Ultimate Team, and more, prompting the in-game mechanics to feel more advanced than ever.

However, defending has become trickier than in previous titles as a result of the game’s newfound realism, so you will have to completely master it in online matches to win them, especially in competitive modes like Champions and Division Rivals.

Here are our tips & tricks on how to master defending in EA FC 24.

How to improve defending in EA FC 24

To successfully defend your goal in EA FC 24, you will have to try and bait your opponent into taking heavy touches rather than moving in for a tackle. As mentioned earlier, defending this year has been reworked, and moving in for a tackle is a high-risk move where you can get beat easily.

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Here are our tips on how to improve defending in EA FC 24.

Defending in EA FC 24EA Sports
Defending is a bit tricky in this title.

Move to Tactical Defending

We recommend going into the Game Settings and changing your defending style to Tactical Defending in EA FC 24. This will give you more control over your defenders, unlike Advanced Defending which is enabled by default. Once you have changed your defending style, you will find that your defenders can move freely in EA FC 24.

Do not run in for a tackle

Keep in mind that running in for a tackle takes you away from your assigned position on the field. For example, if you run in with your center-back for a tackle on your opponent, it leaves the defense open if you get beat.

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So, keep your fingers away from the pressure and tackle buttons and bait your opponent to take a heavy touch. Once you find such an opening, pounce on the opportunity to take the ball away from their feet.

EA FC 24 Sam Kerr in actionEA Sports
Running in blindly can make you concede easy goals.

Using the Jockey button is essential

While you are running back and waiting for your opponent to make a mistake in EA FC 24, make sure to constantly stay close to them. Otherwise, you will not be able to pounce on the opportunity if you are too far away.

Holding down the Jockey button (LT or L2 on controllers) will enable you to control your running rhythm and your position. Once you find the opportunity, turn the pressure on and take the ball away. You can use L2+R2 (LT+RT for Xbox) to increase the Jockey speed too.

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Time your tackles

Many EA FC 24 players start mashing the tackle buttons (both sliding and standing tackles) the moment an opponent has the ball at their feet. Do not do that, as it opens up windows between tackles where the opponent can easily dribble away.

In this game, slide tackling has been made an expert skill tom aster, as many players have complained about their delayed timings. So, to ensure you’re not picked off or giving away unnecessary fouls with tackles, only use them when you are absolutely sure of your timing.

This was everything you had to know to master defending in EA FC 24. Completely applying these steps should minimize your goals conceded massively in the game.

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