EA FC 24 solves major issue with highly requested Ultimate Team change

Franco Diaz
Vinicius Jr. celebrating in EA FC 24.

In the Ultimate Team EA FC 24 Deep Dive, the devs unveiled a plethora of new features that will soon arrive in the game mode. Some were celebrated more than others, but none were as celebrated as the one major change that solves a big issue for players.

If you have played FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you know how tedious it can be to claim each completed reward from every objective one by one. However, this process has come to an end, as the EA FC 24 devs have announced the implementation of the Claim All button.

With this new feature, as its name suggests, players will be able to claim all available rewards with just one click. In addition, the Claim All button isn’t the only new feature that will help you save time in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

EA FC 24 fans celebrate “biggest W” with new Claim All feature

It might seem like a small EA FC 24 Ultimate Team change, but with the new Claim All feature, EA Sports have saved players a considerable amount of time for those who spent time claiming rewards on the objectives screen. Fans celebrated this new feature, labeling it as the “Biggest W ever.”


However, it’s important to clarify that the Claim All button won’t work globally for all available rewards. Instead, you will need to press one for each objective tab where you have rewards to claim.

New quick switcher menu in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Another significant announcement from the EA FC 24 devs was the new shortcut system to navigate through the Ultimate Team menus. With this new quick switcher, players will be able to jump between Squad, Transfer Market, and Objectives in Ultimate Team avoiding all the tabs on the main screen.

That’s all you need to know about the Claim All button in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. For more you can also check out all the EA FC 24 current & last-gen differences or what to expect from Ultimate Team Evolutions.