EA FC 24 devs make major change to Champions rewards

Franco Diaz
EA FC 24 FUT Champions Logo

EA Sports took the Ultimate Team community by surprise and announced a significant number of changes primarily focused on the weekly rewards of their game modes. However, none of them has generated as much buzz in the community as the changes to Ultimate Team Champions rewards.

No matter what your favorite game mode is, EA FC 24 brings a host of changes aimed at enhancing the gaming experience and giving players greater control over everything that happens or will happen, whether in Ultimate Team or Career Mode.

One of the significant changes introduced by EA Sports in Ultimate Team specifically relates to the rewards in Ultimate Team Champions mode, replacing the famous “Red Picks” with rewards of equivalent in-game value.

In this way, the developers hope that the rewards will be “more relevant to your Ultimate Team journey throughout the year.”

The development team also unveiled the changes for EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Season 2 rewards (November 2023):

  • Campaign content as part of their Champions rewards.
  • An OVR minimum guarantee for player rewards that enables greater options when completing SBCs.
EA FC 24 Ultimate Team players
EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Champions mode will no longer feature Champions Players as default rewards.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Are Champion Players rewards totally removed?

It’s worth clarifying that the famous “Red Picks” won’t completely disappear from EA FC 24. EA Sports confirmed that thanks to these changes, they will be able to focus on how and when to release them throughout the year.

The main purpose of Champions Players was to allow players to showcase their skills on the field through special versions of their team’s players. However, EA Sports noticed that these special cards were used less as the year went on, as players opted to complete and use the rewards from Squad Building Challenges (SBC).

Finally, the developers of EA FC 24 explained that “by removing Champions Players from the default rewards, we can focus on offering more frequent changes to the Champions rewards throughout the year.”

This new feature in Ultimate Team will certainly be tested during EA FC 24, and depending on the community’s reception, there will be further changes for the 2024 release. For more about the new EA FC 24 Ultimate Team features check out how Evolutions works and check all about the confirmed EA FC 24 licenses.