All EA FC 24 changes & new features coming to Nintendo Switch

Souhardya Choudhury
EA FC 24 Nintendo Switch

EA FC 24 is set to include new additions to the Nintendo Switch. The changes and new EA FC 24 features coming to the Switch are much more enticing than in previous years.

After its unexpected break away from FIFA, EA Sports is back with the latest EA FC 24. The football game is already available for pre-load on various platforms and the developers have been keeping fans busy with new overall ratings and additional news.

This year, EA FC 24 on Nintendo Switch will be witnessing certain major changes and additions that will alter the players’ experience on the platform entirely.

Here’s every new addition and change that you should know about EA FC 24 on the Nintendo Switch.

EA FC 24 Nintendo Switch changes & features

In the latest EA FC 24 Pitch Notes, the developers have detailed certain new features for the Nintendo Switch. With new game offerings such as Champions and Rivals coming into the Ultimate Team experience, players on Nintendo Switch will also be able to access Evolutions and Objectives.

The major new additions introduced to EA FC 24 on Nintendo Switch are:

  • New Modes: Champions, Rivals, Squad Battles
  • New features: Seasons, Campaigns, Objectives, and Evolutions

For the first time ever, EA FC 24 players on Nintendo Switch will be able to experience the Rivals, Champs, and Squad Battles journey.

For the Seasons and Campaigns addition on Switch, existing Switch players will be able to benefit from this as more Campaigns means more special items coming to the Ultimate Team.

However, there will be no shared Transfer Market between the Switch and the other platforms. The Nintendo Switch Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be separate from the shared one for PlayStation and Xbox players.

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