“Genius” Diablo 4 trick frees up a ton of inventory space

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You’ll be picking up a ton of loot to bring back to town in Diablo 4, and if you find that all of your inventory space is being taken up by Gems, here’s a quick and easy trick you can use to free up inventory space.

As you explore Diablo 4‘s Sanctuary and defeat enemies, you might find your inventory is filling up rather quickly, meaning you’ll have to leave some items behind before heading back to town. Gems have been a particular annoyance to the Diablo community, each taking up its own inventory slot and crowding inventories.

The community has been calling for Gems to have their own inventory tab to keep them separate but in the meantime, here’s a simple but “genius” trick to free up a ton of inventory space in Diablo 4.

How to easily free up Diablo 4 inventory space for Gems

Thanks to Reddit user Born_Pension, to free up inventory space you can move Gems into gear that you plan to salvage in Diablo 4.

Your Gems will now be inside the gear rather than taking up spaces in your inventory. And the best part is that salvaging the gear with the Gems inside will unsocket the Gem for free, so you don’t need to worry about forking over Gold at the Jewellers.

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Players were delighted with the “genius” trick, calling it the “only post I’ve seen in this sub worth reading so far.”

Still, even with this simple trick to stop Gems from filling up your inventory, players are desperate for Gems to be in their own tab, separate from all of the other gear you’ll collect as you explore.

Whether Blizzard will add that quality-of-life feature remains to be seen, with the next major update set to be Season 1 which will bring new content and the Battle Pass. However, there might be some smaller updates that bring new quality-of-life features ahead of Season 1.

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