Diablo 4 players want simple Glyphs change to fix “tedious” leveling

Lilith as seen in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Leveling up Glyphs in Diablo 4 has apparently not been easy as fans have been constantly complaining about how slow it is. This is why a D4 player has suggested a simple change that might solve this issue in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Season 2 is at full throttle with several new additions like bosses, events, and a boatload of fixes to the game. However, some players are still unsatisfied with several aspects of the game, with the Glyph leveling being one of them.

Many players have accused the Glyph leveling to be excruciatingly slow since the beginning of Season of Blood. They have constantly complained about it online, hoping for a fix from the devs. Although the devs have yet not replied with a fix, some players have suggested a solution of their own.

Diablo 4 player ‘Its_Syxx’ posted on Reddit about the Glyph leveling issue, and has suggested levelling “Glyph slots, not the Glyphs themselves.” They continued by saying that it would be “worth it” even if the Glyph slots take “a little bit more XP” to level up in D4.

Other players seemed to agree with this suggestion as many claimed that it “would help with the difficulty of trying different builds.” Leveling up Glyphs is an integral part of every Paragon Board, which is why many builds are directly dependent on them.

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Limiting the XP gain for Glyphs has been causing many players problems as they are forced to grind Nightmare Dunegons multiple times every day. This is another reason why many players wanted these Dungeons to be “more rewarding” in Diablo 4.

Although people thought Glyph leveling “isn’t much fun,” many felt that this suggestion by the OP “will make the game more complex but in a good way.” More of them felt good about this idea as another Redditor said, “I love this idea. I wish blizz would add this change to the game.”

In the end, it is all up to the devs as it is still unclear if they consider this to be a serious issue or not. However, with the amount of complaints daily about Glyph leveling in Diablo 4, don’t be surprised to see them address this issue in a future patch.

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