Diablo 4 players share “dream classes” they want to see added next

Stephanie Zucarelli
Diablo 3 Witch Doctor

Diablo 4 Season of Blood has brought back the discussion of which class should be added next to Blizzard’s ARPG. From Paladin to Witch Doctor, here are the classes that Diablo 4’s community would like to see in Sanctuary.

The Diablo franchise is famous for the flashy classes it has introduced throughout the years. Blizzard always hinted that there would be more coming soon as Diablo 4 was released with only five classes, and players are ready to get a new build to test in Season of Blood.

The devs haven’t been specific about what type of class they would be adding in a DLC, especially because it seems they’re focused on balancing the current characters they have in Diablo 4. However, a popular Reddit post has fans excited with the question: “What are you guys’ dream classes (new, returning, reworked)?”

“Give me a Paladin and I will start every single season with this class,” answered Redditor AnhHungDoLuon88. Several other users agreed and also pointed out that the Paladin class was featured in Diablo 2 as an insanely overpowered class “if you knew how to use it”.

One of the most popular classes among the commenters was “Witch Doctor”, which was introduced in Diablo 3. “Instead of zombies or anything undead, WD pet builds now deal exclusively in insects, also would focus more on the plant side of nature magic that Druid barely touches on,” added Redditor sadIRL.

Some others chimed in with a variation of Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor and asked for the “Swamp Witch” class. “We know from the campaign that the swamp is something special and other, outside of Sanctuary even. It grants gifts and poisons, would like to see a class that leans into it more,” pointed out user YellowFew6603.

Even if it might be hard to fit this class introduction in the middle of a demonic invasion, Diablo 4 fans also agreed that it would be fun to see a “Bard” in Sanctuary. “I want to play as a bard and shred demons with my mighty riffs,” said user ReadAccount jokingly, although other users pointed out that something like Baldur’s Gate 3 Bard would be fun to try out.

That’s what Diablo 4 fans had to say about what new class they’d like in a new Season. If you want to know more about Blizzard’s RPG, you can check out Diablo 4’s official leap to Steam Deck or what Season 2 changes were praised by players.

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