Diablo 4 players plan switch to Baldur’s Gate 3 following Season 1 patch notes

Diablo 4 Sorcerer classBlizzard

Diablo 4 players are disappointed with the Season 1 patch 1.1 and have started to turn their attention to Baldur’s Gate 3, even after Blizzard devs promised to explain it all in a Campfire Chat.

It’s no secret that Diablo 4 players are pretty disappointed with the 1.1.0 update, which has nerfed fan-favorite character builds. This patch was meant to prepare the game for the Season of the Malignant, although users have even started to question if they’d want to keep playing the game.

One of the main complaints against Patch 1.1.0 was the new changes introduced to the Sorcerer class, which many already thought was underpowered. Among jokes and complaints about what happened to the class, some players stated that they’re seriously considering “dropping everything and playing Baldur’s Gate 3 instead.”

“BG3 genuinely seems like it’ll be amazing, so yeah. Blizz doing their part to help small dev studios,” commented Reddit user InoyouS2.

In response to the many outraged comments, Blizzard announced a Campfire Chat live stream on July 21, a day after Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant begins. “We’ve been hearing feedback from players regarding some of the changes in 1.1.0 for Diablo 4,” posted Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher.

Hopefully, this will give the community more clarity on why some of these decisions were made.

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Diablo 4 Sorcerers struggle with 1.1.0 patch

Diablo 4 players have stated that Sorcerers have only three viable builds at endgame, and yet they were struck with nerfs that have gutted their skills. The biggest issue with the patch is the nerf to the Devouring Blaze skill, which was crucial to dealing decent damage as a Sorcerer. With update 1.1.0, its skill’s bonus critical strike damage and extra bonus damage on immobilized enemies have completely reduced its effectiveness.

Another of the main problems Sorcerers have in Sanctuary is their lack of defensive gear for them not being squished by Diablo 4’s strongest bosses. However, Blizzard has also decided to nerf almost every defensive bonus their items and armor can use as a spell-caster class.

Players have also been making fun of the new The Oculus, the Unique Wand given to Sorcerers that teleports them to a random place on Diablo 4’s map. Unfortunately, fans have reported that this feature has a bug that can teleport them right off the map and disappear into nothing.

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