Diablo 4 players explain why Skill Tree is “inherently flawed”

Emily Stander
The tree of whispers in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 Skill Tree is not living up to players’ expectations, with some of them calling it a lot more flawed than the rune system from Diablo 3. 

The Skill Tree in Diablo 4 gives players access to a selection of active and passive skills for their character. The Skill Tree is divided into seven clusters that are unlocked as you put more points into it. 

The idea behind Diablo 4’s Skill Tree is to allow players the freedom to customize their character to the best of their ability. However, players are unhappy with the base skills that come with it compared to what you got in Diablo 3.

‘KLGChaos’ posted to Reddit about the issue in a post titled ‘The Skill Tree in Diablo is inherently flawed.’ “In Diablo 4, all base skills are the same outside of two bland choices of something like ‘hit an extra target’ or ‘chance for Vulnerable’ or ‘take reduced damage for X seconds’,” they said. 

“You’re overly reliant on legendary aspects to even make a build in the first place. A Sorcerer’s Frozen Orbit or Ball Lightning should be a base choice in the skill tree to fundamentally change up gameplay from the beginning, with Aspects serving as ways to empower those skills.”

Players took to the comments to agree with the OP’s problem. The overwhelming response to the issue was that a Skill “Tree” is meant to offer branches you can take to build a character. However, many claim that it feels like they took the rune system from Diablo 3, watered it down, and turned it into a Skill Tree. 

“It is a good system but they were not creative. You pick a base skill then there is one option to modify it. Very unimaginative. I assume they were wanting the gear to be the thing that further customizes it but all the gear choices are also very unimaginative too lol,” a player commented. 

Blizzard have not yet commented on what changes will come in future seasons for the Skill Tree, but players are hoping for more variety and stronger Aspects they can choose from for their characters. 

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