Diablo 4 players desperate for D3 feature to make switching builds a breeze

Emily Stander
Diablo 4 Lilith

Diablo 4 players have been talking about a quality-of-life feature that they want back in the game – the Armory from Diablo 3. 

The much anticipated Diablo 4 came out earlier this year, and since its release, players have been frustrated with one change that makes those with more than one build find the game a little slow: there is no Armory. 

In Diablo 3, players had access to an armory that allowed them to save up to five build loadouts and switch between them with no cooldown. This gave players flexibility in how they wanted to play, and did not keep them tied to one build.

While you can still play with multiple builds in Diablo 4, the process is a lot more complicated and slower than it was when the Armory was a feature. 

Reddit user ‘DutyFailed’ posted on the site, specifically asking that this feature be returned to the game. “Can we bring back the Armory? Boy was that convenient in Diablo 3. Huge quality of life improvement for those wanting to hot swap builds and gear,” they said.

Most fans agreed with the OP’s sentiments. There were even some remarks from fans who didn’t originally care about the removal of the Armory, but immediately started missing it once the Abattoir of Zir and Midwinter Blight events were released. This kind of content changed the way fans wanted to play the game, which meant the lack of an Armory became even more of a pain for them. 

“The fact that this isn’t out yet makes me feel like the game is still just shy of expectations, even half a year after release. I was expecting no steps back from D3, so I was expecting an Armory from the get-go, only to be disappointed,” a fan added to the discussion. 

While there have been no updates about a possible Armory in the future from Blizzard, we will keep you updated with any changes to this issue.

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