Diablo 4 players convinced Poison damage is so high it’s bugged

Souhardya Choudhury
Lilith as seen in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Although there are a bunch of status effects in Diablo 4 that can get concerning if neglected, many players believe that poison is much more powerful than the others.

Diablo 4 fans have been quite active online discussing the various changes in recent patches as the devs have been fixing and balancing a lot of content in the game. Blizzard have also added new powers and collectibles in Season of Blood alongside various bug fixes and tweaks in the game.

Status effects are always a major aspect of action RPG titles like D4 and can be used by both the player and the enemies. However, some fans feel that the poison status effect that the enemies dish out is much more powerful than everything else in the game.

Reddit user ‘thekmanpwnudwn’ claims that poison is “way overtuned” in the game. Many have previously complained about it as poison reportedly drains down life much faster than anything else in the game.

The OP further says that they are “more scared of a level 120 Purtrid Wasp” than a level 154 Butcher” in Diablo 4. Even though the Butcher is regarded as one of the most horrifying enemies in Diablo 4, the OP is afraid of a Putrid Wasp due to its poison build-up.

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Others have also shared their thoughts on it as many have agreed with the OP. Players are “convinced Poison is bugged and the tick rate isn’t right” as the status effect build-up drains all of their life even with damage reduction buffs.

Several other players seem to agree with it as one of them says that “one wasp bite” was enough for them to “pop four maxed-out potions” even with high poison resistances and thousands of armor in their Diablo 4 build.

Even players with high-damage endgame builds are not liking the poison build-ups in the game as many of them “hopped out” of high-tier Nightmare Dungeons whenever they encounter poison enemies. Many players are “chugging five potions every mob” even with maxed-out poison resistances in the game.

Although Blizzard have been swift in releasing fixes and patches in Season 2, it is still unclear if they think this issue needs a fix. However, if the complaints remain loud enough, you can expect a hotfix dedicated to this sooner or later.

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