Diablo 4 players call out “pay to win” mechanics in alleged dev survey

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Necromancer

After an alleged internal survey got leaked, Blizzard faced some serious backlash from the players due to several reported “pay to win” mechanics and paywalls.

Even though Diablo 4 Season 2 is doing quite well and is regarded as the most successful D4 season by many, Blizzard are facing immense backlash from the fans due to an alleged internal survey that was leaked on November 24.

The fans have called out the devs after the leak as many other players have also received the same survey. Aside from prices that could go up to $100, the devs are reportedly hiding everything behind a paywall, starting from QoL changes and other fixes.

Reddit user ‘Ninak0ru’ shared their thoughts about the matter as they are “concerned” about these surveys. They added that the devs are planning to include several in-game features like storage access, picking gold, and Legendary and Unique Items locked behind a “paywall.” The OP felt that these were “100% pay to win” and many fans also agreed with them.

The source of the leaks is YouTuber Bellular News, as he released a video on his channel addressing this issue on November 23, where they mentioned that the pricing options range from “$49.99 to $99.99.”

Players were furious with this piece of news as they thought these to be not okay “for a $70 game.” Others claimed that “they gave up long ago” on Diablo 4. “I am out the moment they announced any of it,” said a disappointed D4 fan.

“QoL changes locked behind a paywall is nasty work,” added another player as the leak reported that early access to these features could be locked behind a paywall too. Most players on the thread found it to be “disgusting” as they were not happy with the prices.

Even though there have been several survey leaks in the community, keep in mind that none of these have been officially confirmed by the devs. Until Blizzard officially come forward with their strategy and prices for the future, take these leaks with a grain of salt.

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