Diablo 4 players ‘shocked’ by leaked price of Vessel of Hatred expansion

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A Diablo 4 player reportedly received a Blizzard survey where the potential price for the upcoming Vessel of Hatred expansion was leaked, and players were left ‘shocked’ by the cost.

Diablo 4 has one of the most active player bases, and many of them have voiced their opinions on the game several times since its launch. Season 2 implemented several mechanics that were well-received, while the recent hotfix has also achieved good results in the community.

Blizzard announced the arrival of the first annual expansion of Diablo 4 during BlizzCon 2023, with the upcoming Vessel of Hatred DLC exploring the story after Lilith’s defeat in Sanctuary. However, a survey sent out to the fans has reportedly leaked the price of the expansion and they are not liking it.

Reddit user ‘Profition’ claimed that they received a “Blizzard survey about the D4 expansion” and there was a “potential $90 price tag” mentioned for the DLC. This agitated several players in the thread as many voiced their thoughts on it.

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Other Diablo 4 players said that they would “play something else” instead if the expansion would be this costly. Some have also questioned if the devs “want to have players keep playing or not.”

The OP gave further details on the survey they received as they mentioned that there were several other “perks and price points” ranging from “$40 to $90.” They cleared it up by saying that the survey had just the expansion listed for $90 without the base game, but this could come with added benefits.

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There will reportedly also be “extra stash space and a new companion” added with the expansion according to the OP. However, some people are not happy with it as they think spending so much money just for these perks is not a pretty good idea. Some even found it “ridiculous” a year after launch.

However, some players pointed out that the survey didn’t commit to a specific price, so there’s every chance the DLC could be cheaper when it launches. The OP also didn’t provide any evidence from the survey itself, so take these details with a pinch of salt.

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