Diablo 4 players are quitting game over ‘frustrating’ inventory issues

Emily Stander
Diablo 4 enemies for the Season of Blood

Diablo 4 players feel the game is struggling to provide a sustainable inventory system, and it is frustrating them to the point of stopping playing the game entirely. 

As players progress through Diablo 4, they will find loot that adds to their character builds in specific ways. This gives players the opportunity to customize their builds to fit a unique playstyle. In a game like Diablo 4, though, different key points, dungeons, and events in the game will sometimes call for a different build to be more effective. 

This means that players want to carry more gear in their inventory that can allow them to switch between different builds with relative ease. However, there has been an increase in frustration from fans because this is not entirely possible with the current state of the Diablo 4 inventory system. 

This is due to inventory slots and extra stash space that players feel the game is lacking. It’s difficult to maintain inventory in Diablo 4, because players need to sift through the immense amount of gear they find to try and guess which ones are worth keeping. 

Redditor ‘PleasantGuava9898’ posted about this issue. “Serious question folks. How are you managing your inventory?” they asked. “What is the most effective way to handle these [limited] slots and all the equipment left all over the place?”

Unfortunately, many fans could not help the OP with their question. Most comments ranged from “Stare at it in frustration and then log out” to “I tell myself I’ll look at it later, then get overwhelmed by the sheer tediousness of the task and just sell it all to a vendor.”

Some players were able to give the OP advice on how to manage their inventory, but the overall response was a negative feeling toward Blizzard not making the right quality-of-life changes to Diablo 4. 

At this point, the frustration of inventory management and a lack of stash tabs for each character you make is making players not want to play the game. Some even feel that they don’t want to log back in for fear that they were unable to do inventory management before they logged out last. 

“I had the same issue almost all season. Wanted to try a new character, but stash is full. Can’t be a****d to clean it out so I just don’t play,” a player added to the thread. Another simply said, “This is a good reminder that I’m quitting games again, thank you.”

Blizzard has spoken briefly about making quality-of-life changes to Diablo 4, but nothing has come of it yet. 

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