Diablo 4 players adore gamer dad who bagged best Uber Unique and didn’t even know it

Amitesh Dhar
Diablo 4 Shaco

The Shaco, also known as Harlequinn Crest in Diablo 4 is one of the rarest pieces of gear that one can come across in the game. One player shared how their father reacted to the first Shaco that they got after 10 Duriel dungeon runs.

The Diablo 4 player base includes gamers across multiple age groups who find pleasure in slaughtering the forces of hell. When it comes to builds, players can use different pieces of gear including Uber Uniques to create the strongest character possible.

While there are a lot of players who take a keen interest in how to maximize their build efficiency, there are a few who don’t think much about their build and just go ahead with whatever gear they have.

Player ‘Exfirea’ jumped into Reddit to share their dad’s reaction when they got their first Shaco within 10 Duriel runs in Diablo 4. In the screenshot, their parent is seen saying, “4 ranks to all skills. That’s pretty cool.”

Many players responded to OP’s post, with some of them finding their parents’ remark hilarious. One player said, “Peak dad remark lmao.”

Fellow parents within the Diablo 4 also commented on the post. Another Redditor responded, “As a dad, this is very relatable,” while someone else replied, “I 2nd and upvote this comment lol.”

Others mentioned that the conversation was very wholesome and the subreddit could do with some of that. A different player labelled OP’s father as, “Diablo Dad.”

A few Redditors congratulated them for getting the Shaco in Diablo 4 so quickly, while others mentioned that they put a lot of hours into the game and still did not get a single Uber Unique.

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