Diablo 4 player claims secret hacks won’t lead to Uber Uniques: “Stop with the copium”

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Rogue

It is no secret how rare the Uber Uniques are in Diablo 4. However, one player has claimed that there is no secret hack to getting these rare items faster in the game.

Diablo 4 Season 2 has seen a flurry of fixes and new content after it started back on October 17, with the devs increasing the drop rates of several Uniques in the game with new boss fights. This encouraged players to try out several measures to make Uber Uniques drop for them.

Uber Uniques are the rarest items in the game with an extremely low drop rate and most of the player base have yet to find one during their playthrough. Each and every Uber Unique in the game is claimed to be the strongest item due to rarity, so every player aims for such drops in the game.

With so many players trying out various methods to get these items to drop, Reddit user ‘Grand_Chef_Bandit’ claimed that no “voodoo strategies” will help them in their quest. The OP further claimed that these strategies were a “waste” of time, and were not useful at all.

“I’m seeing lots of people in the last few days who seem to be repeating the same unproven strategies to try to find Uber Uniques,” said the OP. They also mentioned the main strategy that players are using which was “bringing a low-level character along” to help the drop rates in Diablo 4.

The players in the thread could not resist an opportunity for some satire as one of them said “You can get a Shako by looking under the wagon in Ked Bardu.”

Players in the thread seemed to believe that “all those theories are garbage.” With many theories floating around the internet about Uber Uniques, people believe that there is no secret hack to actually get them as drops in Diablo 4.

In the end, people accepted that “some have luck” to get these drops early. However, most players have to endure a massive grind against Uber Bosses to have a shot at securing one.

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