Diablo 4 players claim they’re forced to use “broken meta” just to enjoy the game

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Sorcerer combatBlizzard Entertainment

The Diablo 4 meta is being altered with every new patch, but players are claiming that running broken builds is the only way to fully enjoy the game.

Diablo 4 has been one of the most talked about ARPGs in recent times, and players have been debating Season 3 since it arrived on January 23. With a boatload of fresh content like the Vaults and Seneschal Companions, players are ready to take on what the endgame of the update has to offer.

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However, certain players feel they are not ready yet as the ones who are not using broken builds are reportedly not having as much fun as the ones aligning with the meta. This is why, many players are considering creating a new character to make powerful builds for the endgame.

Reddit user ‘Rionaks’ started this discussion in the Diablo 4 subreddit as they claimed: “Not playing a broken/meta build makes the game less fun,” and they will “call this season short” as a result.

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Before Season 2, the Bone Spear Necromancer was considered the strongest build in the game with the highest DPS among all classes. However, since Season 2, some Barbarian builds have completely taken over the community as the new Diablo 4 meta.

Many players agreed with the OP as they were “not motivated” to try out endgame activities in Season 3 with their non-meta build.

“Weak characters suck and it’s boring. Metaw***ing is bad as well but it’s more enjoyable,” argued the OP as well, while other players added: “The game/loot seems to be balanced around broken builds.” Some even claimed that “most builds wouldn’t be that bad if barbs weren’t so OP.”

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With every new patch, the game’s meta seems to change and Blizzard are known for their fearless buffs and nerfs to classes. With Barbarians being so powerful right now, don’t be surprised to notice certain nerfs to the class in future Diablo 4 patches.

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