Best Diablo 3 character classes and builds

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Diablo 3 classes and builds

Since Diablo 3 features different character classes, the question arises: which one should be your pick? We’ll go over each available character class, presenting their ranking and identifying the best builds that you can use.

When you hop into Diablo 3, you’ll find six distinct character classes to choose from, and each of these is suited to different play styles. Players can find it difficult to decide which character classes are the most effective ones in the game.

To make things easier, we’ve categorized and ranked Diablo 3’s classes while also going over the top-performing builds for each character class. This ensures that you’re able to pick the best characters while also knowing how to optimize their builds.

Diablo 3 best character classes

Here, we present the ranking of Diablo 3’s character classes from the most to the least effective, based purely on their performance.

Here are the rankings:

  1. Necromancer
  2. Wizard
  3. Barbarian
  4. Monk
  5. Demon Hunter
  6. Crusader
  7. Witch Doctor
Diablo 3 barbarians
Some Diablo 3 character classes are more effective than others.

It’s worth noting that if you find joy in playing with a character ranked lower on the tier, do not hesitate to hop into the game with them. If you use a lower-tier character well and create an efficient build, you might just boost your favorite class’s ranking.

Best Diablo 3 builds

We’ve broken down our Diablo 3 list by character and build with the more powerful of each being placed in higher tiers.


These are the most effective builds that you can use in Diablo 3, with the Necromancer serving as the top-tier choice.

MonkLoD Wol
NecromancerTrag’Oul Death Nova
NecromancerLoD Death Nova
NecromancerRathma AotD
BarbarianLoD HotA
BarbarianRaekor Boulder Toss
WizardLoD Meteor
WizardTal Rasha Meteor
Demon HunterMarauder Sentry


While not as powerful as the S-Tier ones, these builds are also extremely useful in Diablo 3:

WizardLoD Frozen Orb
MonkUliana EP
MonkRaiment Generator
Witch DoctorMundunugu Spirit Barrage
Witch DoctorZunimassa Poison Dart
Witch DoctorLoN Poison Dart
Witch DoctorArachyr Spiders
CrusaderLoN Bombardment
CrusaderAoV Heaven’s Fury
CrusaderAoV Fist of the Heavens
CrusaderAkkhan Condemn
NecromancerLoD Corpse Explosion
NecromancerInarius Death Nova
BarbarianWaste Whirlwind Rend
BarbarianIK HotA
Witch Doctor characters in Diablo 3
Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor controls a variety of creatures.


If the A-tier Diablo 3 builds aren’t suiting you then you can also try these:

Witch DoctorHelltooth Zombie Bears
Witch DoctorJade Harvester
Witch DoctorHelltooth Gargs
Witch DoctorLoD Spirit Barrage
WizardFirebird Magic Missile
WizardVry Reverse Action FO
WizardDMO Frozen Orb
WizardVry Chantodo
WizardLoD Hydra
WizardDMO Twister
WizardFirebird Flame Blades
Demon HunterGoD Hungering Arrow
Demon HunterNatalya Rapid Fire
Demon HunterUE Multishot
MonkSWK Tempest Rush
MonkInna Mystic Ally
MonkPoJ Tempest Rush
NecromancerLoD Poison Scythe
CrusaderInvoker Thorns
CrusaderAkkan Bombardment
CrusaderSotL Blessed Hammer
BarbarianMotE Leapquake
BarbarianSavage Frenzy
BarbarianMotE Seismic Slam


The Diablo 3 C-Tier builds may be placed lower than the ones we previously mentioned but they’ve still managed to earn their spot on the list:

CrusaderLoD Blessed Shield
CrusaderRoland Sweep
Witch DoctorArachyr Firebats
WizardTal Rasha Frozen Orb
BarbarianIK Charge
NecromancerInarius Poison Scythe
NecromancerInarius Corpse Explosion
NecromancerMasquerade Bone Spear
Demon HunterLoD Rapid Fire
Demon HunterN6M4 Cluster Arrow
Diablo 3 Witch Doctor
Choosing the best Diablo 3 builds increases your chances of success.

That covers all the best character classes and builds in Diablo 3.

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