Destiny 2 players upset after Bungie cancels Trials of Osiris

Amitesh Dhar
The Destiny 2 Eventide map

Destiny 2 players expressed their disappointment after Bungie cancelled their weekly iteration of Trials of Osiris to test out the new PvP map pack.

The Trials of Osiris is a competitive PvP mode in Destiny 2 that is available only on the weekends. The mode sees a high number of players every weekend because the activity drops some powerful weapons as rewards.

However, players were upset with Bungie after the developers mentioned on Twitter that they would be cancelling the Trials of Osiris for this week because they wanted to test three new PvP maps.

Considering that these maps were designed keeping in mind a 3v3 format, players feel that the developers could have tested these maps in the Trials of Osiris itself.

Prominent players and content creators from the Destiny 2 community expressed their displeasure about the cancellation of Trials on social media. GJake said, “Why not replace the New Territory playlist WITH Trials and have Trials be a rotation of all 3 maps?”

Destiny 2 Pyramid map
The Pyramid map is based on the Darkness ship that was transformed by the Traveler.

While most players echoed a similar sentiment, there is a possible explanation as to why Bungie didn’t go down that route.

The Trials of Osiris is one of the most competitive activities the game has to offer and not many players venture into it. If the new maps were added in the mode and rotated throughout the week, it could have deterred the casual players from trying the maps out just because it was a part of the Trials rotation.

Alternatively, it could also have caused an increase in the number of players in Trials, which would have probably lead to more matchmaking issues, as seen in the past.

Either way, those of you wanting to step into Trials will have to wait until next weekend to do so. But, the saving grace is that if you play the new maps this weekend, you will receive a special emblem as a reward.