How to get Monte Carlo Catalyst in Destiny 2

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One of the classic exotics in Destiny, the Monte Carlo, was due a Catalyst in Destiny 2’s Season of Witch. Now, with the season live, here’s how you can get the Monte Carlo’s Catalyst in Destiny 2.

Not too long to go before our Guardians confront The Witness head-on in Destiny 2’s The Final Shape, and thanks to the new rework of the Monte Carlo, you now have the opportunity to rip apart The Witness using the bayonet which couldn’t previously be used. 

The Monte Carlo first arrived in Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep Expansion, but the exotic AR has been part of the franchise from the beginning of the original Destiny game. Fans adored the gun’s design, as it sported a unique bayonet, but it had little use.

The Catalyst now does what you’d expect a bayonet to do, stab! So, here’s how you can get the Monte Carlo’s exotic in Destiny 2.

The Monte Carlo ART
The Monte Carlo was exclusive to PlayStation players in Destiny Year 1.

How to unlock the Monte Carlo Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Monte Carlo Catalyst in Destiny 2 can be obtained by completing Crucible, Strikes, or Gambit matches. It is a random drop rate, so you may have to play either of these activities multiple times.

You don’t, however, need to have the gun equipped or in your inventory. So as long as you’ve obtained it, you can get the Catalyst. To fully unlock the Monte Carlo Catalyst perk, though, you’ll have to defeat 700 enemies with the gun in Destiny 2.

How does Monte Carlo Catalyst work in Destiny 2?

Once applied, the Monte Carlo Catalyst in Destiny 2 will let you stab enemies with the bayonet, after you’ve gained five stacks of Markov Chain. A single kill with a gun grants one stack, while a single melee kill grants all five stacks.

Once you’ve enough stacks, you can switch your melee with the bayonet on the Monte Carlo. After that, stab all you want. We don’t know how much the new rework fares in terms of meta, but it does work with some Titan exotics like Synthoceps.

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