All Destiny 2 Region Chest locations in Lightfall Neomuna

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Destiny 2 Region Chest

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has placed Region Chests across the new location Neomuna, and if you’re wondering how to find all the Destiny 2 Region Chest locations then we’ve got you covered.

A new expansion arrived in Destiny 2 on February 28, bringing a plethora of fun new additions for players to check out, and the new content in Lightfall includes a location called Neomuna.

After hopping into Neomuna, you’ll be able to explore and find Region Chests that have been spread out across this new section of Neptuna. We’ll go over all the All Destiny 2 Region Chest locations in Lightfall’s Neomuna.

All Destiny 2 Lightfall Region Chest locations in Neomuna

There are nine Region Chests that you can find while exploring Neomuna in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion.

The From Zero to Hero quest tasks you with finding three different Region Chests. The good news is that you can visit any three Region Chests that you want in order to complete this quest.

These Chests contain different gear that will help you out greatly, and here’s how you can find them.

There are nine different Region Chests in Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Neomuna.

Zephyr Concourse: On top of a balcony

Enter Zephyr Concourse from Striders Gate and jump onto the balcony to your left. From there, jump onto the awning on your left and you’ll be able to open the Region Chest that’s on the roof.

Zephyr Concourse Destiny 2 Region Chest 1.jpg

Zephyr Concourse: Behind a window

The second Region Chest is behind a glass window on the northwest side of Zephyr Concourse. In order to access this room, you’ll need to go below the main catwalk and enter the shop with the broken window.

From there, you can climb into the air duct on the left and crawl inside until you reach the room with the Region Chest.

Zephyr Concourse Destiny 2 Region Chest 2

Zephyr Concourse: Inside a hidden room

Head to the southeast side of Zephyr Concourse and you’ll find a room below a neon billboard that can be accessed via a balcony. Simply make your way onto the balcony and jump to the ledges across from you.

The lowest ledge leads to a door, thus allowing you to enter a hidden room with a chest inside.

Zephyr Concourse Destiny 2 Region Chest 3

Ahimsa Park: In a chasm

After entering Ahimsa Park, drop down into the chasm on the north side of the area and you’ll find the Region Chest lying there.

Ahimsa Park Destiny 2 Region Chest 1

Ahimsa Park: Beneath the ground

After you’ve collected the previous Region Chest, make your way back up and you’ll find a hole in the ground on the right side of the building. Drop down into it and you’ll find the Region Chest hidden behind a corner.

Ahimsa Park Destiny 2 Region Chest 2

Ahimsa Park: On the window ledge

On the south side of Ashimsa Park, you’ll find a building with a pink neon sign at the bottom. The side of that building has open window ledges for you to climb on, and one of them has the Region Chest.

Ahimsa Park Destiny 2 Region Chest 3

Límíng Harbor: By the giant turbines

Go to the two large turbines in Liming Harbro and you’ll find a Region Chest lying on a catwalk behind them. You can easily access it by jumping past the turbines and onto the catwalk.

Límíng Harbor Destiny 2 Region Chest 1

Límíng Harbor: On the scaffolding near the crane

Head to the tall crane that’s to your right when you access Límíng Harbor from Zephyr’s Concourse. There is a building behind the crane with scaffolding on the wall. Use the scaffolding to reach the catwalk with the Region Chest.

Límíng Harbor Destiny 2 Region Chest 2

Límíng Harbor: Inside the large ship

Head to the large ship and enter it. Once you’re inside, you’ll find a staircase to climb up and this will take you to an area filled with catwalks. Use them to reach higher ground where you’ll find a Region Chest.

Límíng Harbor Destiny 2 Region Chest 3

That covers all of the Region Chest locations in Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Neomuna.

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