New details on PlayStation 5 system architecture announced

Keshav Bhat

Sony PlayStation has announced new details on the PlayStation 5 system architecture during a recorded video by Mark Cerny, lead of the PS5 design.

The new details revealed information on the console’s specifications, via EuroGamer. The console features an AMD based processor that is 10.28 TFLOPS with 36CUs at 2.23GHz.

The console also transitions to an SSD system to allow for dramatically faster load times to play faster on the PlayStation 5. The console features internal 825GB on storage with NVMe SSD slots to expand.

PS5 Specs

There are key advantages to the SSD system in PS5 that actually makes it faster than the Xbox Series X.

  • Faster load
  • No load screens
  • Ultra High-Speed Streaming
  • De-duplicate game data
  • No long patch installs

Below is a look at the Xbox Series X specs, which is in fact more powerful than the PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series X Specs

Watch the full 52 minute presentation now:

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