CoD fans furious as leak claims controversial Last Stand perk could return in MW2

Liam Mackay
Captain Price furious and cod player in last stand

Modern Warfare 2 leaks claim that Infinity Ward plan on bringing the controversial Last Stand Perk back as a Field Upgrade, and Call of Duty fans are furious.

It was reported by CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope that Infinity Ward are making major changes to the Perk system in Modern Warfare 2, allowing players to choose four instead of the classic three, and also bringing back Last Stand as a Field Upgrade.

Last Stand allows a player to be ‘knocked’ and pull out a pistol instead of dying, and players are furious at the idea of it returning in 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.

We asked CoD fans, “should the iconic Last Stand perk return in Call of Duty?” and the answer was a resounding no. Players were quick to challenge the use of ‘iconic,’ with ‘beckerrr’ calling it “infamous.”

“Absolutely the f**k not,” replied CoD news account ModernWarzone. “Might as well bring back Martyrdom and Juggernaut too while we’re at it.

‘CurvyMermaid617’ said that Last Stand was “the worst thing about early-mid golden age CoD, so f**k no.”

“Absolutely not,” chimed in Nathan Schneider. “Does nothing to make the game more fun or engaging.”

A few players brought up the crowd’s delight when ex-Infinity Ward dev Robert Bowling announced that Last Stand wouldn’t return in Modern Warfare 3, and the subsequent backlash when it did return as the Final Stand Deathstreak.

The majority of the replies were expressing their fury through gifs such as Michael Scott’s famous “No God, Please No!” outburst.

There were a few players keen to see it return, but they were few and far between. “Would make sense for it to return, especially if they plan to implement it into Warzone 2’s knocked animation somehow,” said ‘Wizject.’

Last Stand was reportedly scrapped for Modern Warfare 2019, so if the leak is to be believed, then it might not make its way into the full game anyway. We’re likely still a few months out from Modern Warfare 2’s reveal, so we’ll know more as we get nearer to fall.

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