What We Expect in the Next Operation for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Black Ops 4’s next Operation will release on 19 February alongside Patch 1.13.

This year’s Call of Duty is doing content drops a little differently. Rather than have four DLC packs release over the course of a year, Treyarch is releasing maps in smaller, more frequent, content drops in the Black Ops Pass.

Alongside this paid content is the new Operation system which offers free cosmetics and weapons, as well as massive game changes, to all Black Ops 4 players.

As of now, Black Ops 4 has received two Operations, First Strike and Absolute Zero. While the first Operation didn’t overhaul too much, the second added a new Specialist to Multiplayer and a new Vehicle and area to Blackout.

With the current Operation is ending in 8 days, the next Operation is on the horizon so here’s what we expect is coming to Black Ops 4.

New Blackout Area

With teases like these, a new Blackout area is essentially a guarantee. Treyarch has recently changed their Twitter image to a picture of a surveying stake that can be found in the southeast of the map.

This area has been notably baron since launch and we have even speculated what areas they could add here. With a newly added, inaccessible, bunker thrown in the mix we may even see some new underground areas as well.

Weapon Balancing

In a 29 January Game Update post, Treyarch confirmed Weapon Balancing will be coming to Black Ops 4 in Patch 1.13 alongside the new Operation.

Treyarch’s Lead Designer, Tony Flame, even went to Twitter to ask players what changes they would make to the weapons in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer, so expect a lot of fan requested changes to be present.

More Zombies Modes

Blood of the Dead has still yet received it’s own version of Gauntlet

On 115 day, Treyarch gave us a look at what we should expect coming to Zombies in 2019. While it would be a little too optimistic to assume everything they mentioned will make it in the next Operation, a few of these are hopefully ready.

Host Migration was a key priority after Patch 1.12 went live in late January, so we should expect to see that feature return very soon. The Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system should also get reworked by the time 19 February rolls around which would provide more stat tracking for Zombies fans.

One of the new Gauntlets for the Aether maps should also be expected in late February, while the more intricate Factions system seems to be ways off.

Black Ops Pass Content

While not in the Operation exactly, I expect a paid content drop to release a couple days after the Operation goes live. This would include two multiplayer maps just like last time, but rather than one of the three remaining Zombies maps, I expect a new mode.

It’s much easier to spread out 12 Multiplayer maps over time than it is to spread out 4 Zombies maps, so I don’t believe we’ll see a Zombies map coincide with every MP map release. Instead, I expect a new or returning mode. Something like Grief or Turned would be a great stop gap in between larger Zombies map launches.

Remember, these are just our expectations for what’s to come in the next Operation. Before the real thing goes live on 19 February, let us know what you expect in the comments below!

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