Warzone devs nerf overpowered MORS Sniper wallhacks bug

Max Candelarezi
Warzone MORS Sniper Rifle

While players were allowed to take out enemies with a single shot with the MORS Sniper Rifle in Warzone across any surface on the map, devs have addressed this issue nerfing the overpowered bug.

Since its release, the MORS has become one of Warzone‘s most popular Sniper Rifles. Despite having impressive stats and being able to one-shot, this powerful Sniper was also able to shoot through any surface given certain bugs.

However, the devs quickly addressed this issue with a minor update on April 17, reducing the penetration on the base model, lowering the HVP Anti-Materiel Slug ammo’s penetration multiplier, and removing the Photonic Charge Barrel uncapped penetration.

Initially, players were able to kill enemies across the surfaces with the MORS combining it with the in-game ping feature, allowing them to track the opponents’ live movement and shoot at the right moment.

Despite being nerfed, the MORS is the most favored Sniper since its Season 3 release, dominating the long-range meta, and being able to one-shot enemies from over 70 meters, making it a force to be reckoned with in Warzone.

Luckily, it won’t be able to one-shot enemies across surfaces anymore. However, expect to continue seeing this formidable Sniper in both Battle Royale and Resurgence matches, as it’s still most players’ favorite long-range Rifle.