Warzone 2 players claim hackers are on the rise despite RICOCHET anti-cheat

Matt Porter
Warzone 2 players firing their weapons

While Warzone 2 utilizes Call of Duty’s RICOCHET anti-cheat system, fans of the battle royale are convinced that the number of hackers in the game are on the rise, and ruining their matches.

Warzone 2 is finally here, letting players drop into the new Al Mazrah map in search of victories. Whether it’s using the best guns in the game, optimizing your PC for maximum FPS, or making sure your controller settings are perfect, there are plenty of ways to get a competitive advantage over your opponents.

Unfortunately, some players look outside of the game for ways to dominate opponents, and turn to cheats as a way to get easy wins. Hacking was a major issue in the original Warzone, so much so that Activision built their own anti-cheat system named RICOCHET in an attempt to combat the problem.

While RICOCHET is operational in Warzone 2 at launch, it seems cheat providers may have found a way around it, with players reporting that the number of hackers they are running into during matches is on the rise.

In a post on the CODWarzone subreddit, user ‘my9rides5hotgun’ uploaded a video of them encountering one such cheater who was able to lock onto their position through the ground, before running towards them and eliminating them.

As the comments quickly showed, this is far from an isolated incident. Warzone 2 players immediately jumped in with their own stories about hackers they had faced, proving how widespread the issue is right now.

“We got dump trucked by a squad of aimbots in a flying boat last night,” wrote Ramuh-DH, who admitted that they got a laugh from the ridiculousness of the situation.

For others, they are finding themselves being tracked through walls by opponents, or simply getting instantly headshotted in impossible-to-win gunfights.

While cases of hacking may be on the rise, players remain hopeful that RICHOCET will kick in and deal with these cheats. “It’s going to happen with the game being so new,” argued Mrheadshot0. “It just takes time for the AI to register them.”

How RICHOCHET actually works remains a mystery, but players will be hoping this theory is correct and the anti-cheat is learning to find and ban these hackers sooner rather than later.

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Image credit: Infinity Ward

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