Warzone expert claims forgotten Assault Rifle is meta “laserbeam” in Urzikstan

Nathan Warby
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Since Warzone integrated with Modern Warfare 3, players have naturally gravitated towards the new arsenal of weapons, leaving many old favorites behind. But, CoD expert Sally is a Dog has urged players not to sleep on a former meta rifle that is “very much alive” going into Season 2.

When Warzone Urzikstan launched, the battle royale integrated with Modern Warfare 3, bringing the full slate of new guns to the game. Since then, even more have weapons have joined the ranks, with the RAM-9 and BP50 dropping in Season 2.

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As you’d expect, the new weapons instantly took over the meta, with the likes of the BAS-B and MCW becoming some of the most popular picks. This meant that a number of deadly options from the Al Mazrah days fell by the wayside, as the community flocked to the new additions.

However, Warzone expert Sally is a Dog has picked out one formerly dominant Assault Rifle that is just as strong as ever on Urzikstan.

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In his February 5 video, the YouTuber explained that the devs “never nerfed” the Kastov 762, which was easily one of the best guns in Warzone prior to MW3’s launch. He went on to say that the arrival of new weapons had led to many to think the Kastov meta was “dead,” but he insisted it’s “very much alive.”

“I was fully expecting Warzone 2 meta to be just absolutely left in the dust, that doesn’t appear to be the case,” Sally said. “The only thing that was surprising is that it’s taken people this long to figure it out.”

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There were two main attachments that Sally is a Dog claimed unlocked the full potential of the Kastov 762 in Warzone – the JAK BFB Muzzle and Bruen Heavy Support Grip.

The JAK BFB offers a huge buff to the Assault Rifle’s recoil control, in exchange for pinpointing your position on the map when firing. Meanwhile, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip reduces the aiming sway to make it “an actual laserbeam.”

So, if you’re looking for a new long-range rifle that can hold its own against the best guns in Warzone, the Kastov 762 is just as strong now as it ever was. Consider giving it a try in your next match.

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