Warzone burst meta returns after major buff to iconic Assault Rifle

Joseph Pascoulis
m16 with camo in warzone and mw3 firing range

Warzone’s iconic burst meta from Verdansk has returned, as the April 16 patch for Season 3 brought major buffs to a classic rifle.

There are many classic weapons in Warzone that many veteran CoD players will recognize such as the Kastov 762 (AK-47) and the Striker (UMP-45). Arguably the most iconic of the bunch is the M16.

The M16 has been in so many CoD titles it’s hard to keep track, and it has returned to the meta in Season 3 despite being out of favor since Warzone 1’s ‘burst meta.’

Back in the original Warzone on Verdansk, there was a period where the M16 was dominant, as well as another burst rifle from Black Ops Cold War, the Aug. This was coined as the burst meta, and thanks to major buffs for the M16 in the April 16 patch for Warzone Season 3, it has returned.

The M16 saw its recoil and gun kick reduced drastically, making it much easier to use and hit your shots. The visual recoil was reduced by 18%, which is extremely noticeable when using the burst rifle in Season 3, as it’s now much easier to hit your shots with the M16 from range.

Prior to the buffs, the M16 had a lot of recoil which made it hard to hit consecutive bursts on enemies from range. However, after using our best M16 loadout for Warzone, it’s now much easier to use and is a meta long-range option in the Assault Rifle category.

Even popular Warzone streamer and pro FaZe Swagg agrees, as he also claimed the M16 is now meta in his April 17 YouTube video. When speaking about the recoil, the streamer said, “It used to have a ton, now it has none.”

It’s definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for something new to run, especially if you’re a fan of burst weapons but aren’t too fond of the DG-58.