Vector, Type-95, KSG-12, ACOG(x-ray), 4v4 Zombie mode in Black Ops 2

Victor recently had chance to witness the Black Ops 2 campaign in action and did a great job of capturing the smaller details (like guns) that everyone else missed. Treyarch recently lifted the lid on two full campaign levels – The Los Angeles-based mission Protect P.O.T.U.S and a Strike Force Operation battle in Singapore – which were both set in 2025 and showed off tons of future tech.

According to NOWgamer:
-In the campaign, David Mason was seen using:
Type-95 with an “X-Ray ACOG” scope
KSG (Shotgun)
VECTOR (smg) “Rapid fire rate, bad recoil”

-X-Ray ACOG: See enemies behind cover to shoot through walls. (Rumored to be a MP killstreak)
-Guns are “being rebalanced from the ground up for this game that we’re creating.”
-Weapon balance is top of the agenda. “Weapon balance is critical. With Black Ops multiplayer, there was a certain balance of gunplay and gameplay that we wanted to strike.”
-Campaign hints that “hacking or tracking” could come to MP based on Mason’s wrist mounted device. Seen hijacking Quadrotor and CLAW via a dart and beacons on armored vehicles.

-Mark Lamia confirmed to NowGamer that Black Ops 2 would include a 4v4 zombies mode, which could hint at two teams fighting each other – and hordes of the undead – to ensure survival.
-Every vehicle shown in the presentation – quadrotors, CLAW mechs, treaded turrets and jets – were NOT ON RAILS and could be used at will by hacking or jumping into them at certain story points.
-Quadrotors seem to control like Modern Warfare 3’s recon drone killstreak, but come armed with a brutal chaingun.
-“[Figher Jet Mission] is entirely sandbox and free form, similar to Tom Clancy’s HAWX series, putting the dull, on rails jet section from Battlefield 3 to shame.”

SOURCE: NOWgamer Via @boyle111

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