[SPOILERS] Call of Duty: WWII Trophies Revealed, confirms Zombies map name

Keshav Bhat

CAUTION SPOILERS! This post contains possible spoilers for the Campaign and Zombies mode of Call of Duty: WWII. PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


ExoPhase has posted the official trophies for Call of Duty: WWII. The trophies reveal that the Zombies map in Call of Duty: WWII is called “The Final Reich” and also reveal different campaign missions and more. There also appears to be trophies for War mode maps.

Campaign Trophies: 

  • VE: Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: WWII
  • Friend in Need: Request Zussman to toss you First Aid Kits 30 times.
  • I See Movement!: Request Pierson to spot enemies 25 times.
  • Praise and Pass: Request Turner to toss you ammo 20 times.
  • School of Hard Knocks: Request Stiles to toss you grenades 15 times.
  • Who Needs a Pendant?: Request Aiello to toss you signal smoke and call in mortar strikes 10 times.
  • Potato Masher: Save 5 allies by throwing away a live enemy grenade.
  • Chain Smoker: Disable 50 enemies using smoke grenades.
  • I’ve Got You!: Drag 9 unique allies to safety.
  • Quarter Given: Get 4 unique groups of enemies to surrender.
  • Rescuer: Save 10 unique allies locked in struggle.
  • Pieces of History: Collect all 33 mementos.
  • Slow and Steady: Spend 3 minutes using Focus in the campaign.
  • Distinguished Service: Complete the game on Veteran difficulty.
  • Long Way from Texas: Complete D-Day.
  • One of the Lucky Few: Breach the seawall in under 2 minutes without taking MG fire.
  • The Paddle: Complete Operation Cobra.
  • Ack Ack: Protect your tanks by shooting down all planes in Operation Cobra.
  • No Sanctuary:VComplete Stronghold.
  • Marksman: Cover Zussman from the church without missing a shot in Stronghold.
  • Last Stop: Complete S.O.E.
  • Sunday Driver: Complete the driving portion of S.O.E. without hitting any obstacles.
  • Champagne and Caviar: Complete Liberation.
  • Silent Night: Sneak through the courtyard undetected in Liberation.
  • Human Cost: Complete Collateral Damage.
  • Gasoline Cowboy: Rescue your allies with the Sherman while keeping your armor above 80% in Collateral Damage.
  • Death Factory: Complete Death Factory.
  • Fog of War: Sneak through the Dragon’s Teeth undetected in Death Factory.
  • Our Men: Complete Hill 493.
  • Suppressive Fire!: Successfully escort the pole charge engineer to the pillbox in Hill 493.
  • Worst Christmas Ever: Complete Battle of the Bulge.
  • Flyboy: Protect the bombers by personally shooting down 12 enemy planes in Battle of the Bulge.
  • No Sacrifice Too Great: Complete Ambush.
  • Infiltrated: Reach the sniper perch without being detected in Ambush.
  • To the End: Complete the campaign.
  • Defender: Protect the convoy by shooting down all the planes in The Rhine.

MP Trophies: 

  • Buck Private: Get 10 kills in Multiplayer while playing online.
  • Ricky Recruit: Complete 21 daily challenges in Headquarters.
  • General of the Army: Enter Prestige 1 in Multiplayer while playing online.
  • Tour of Duty: Win 5 War matches in Multiplayer while playing online.
  • Divisional Commander: Prestige a Division in Multiplayer when playing online.

Zombies Trophies:

  • Fireworks: In The Final Reich, retrieve the artifact.
  • Dark Reunion: In The Final Reich, save Klaus.
  • Pressure Cooker: In Prologue, survive until wave 20.
  • Red Mist: In The Final Reich, get 10 kills from a single Bomber’s explosion.
  • Dark Arts: In The Final Reich, build all variants of the Tesla Gun.
  • Strike!: In The Final Reich, knock over 10 zombies with a Wüstling charge.
  • Lurking Around: In The Final Reich, find and shoot Dr. Straub.
  • Undertaker: In The Final Reich, kill the Bomber with the shovel.
  • Lightning Handler: In The Final Reich, build a Tesla Gun.
  • White Knuckles: In The Final Reich, survive 3 Pest waves in a single match without getting hit.


SOURCE: ExoPhase