Ninth Specialist appears to have been found in PC files, has a flamethrower


More leaks keep coming from files included within the Black Ops 3 Beta on PC. Now it looks like we might have our first look at the classified “9th Specialist” in Black Ops 3. There’s no way to tell if this will make the final game or not but it looks pretty close to us. The new specialist ability appears to be a and according to @FineNerds, the sonar looking ability is called heatwave and it creates a sphere around you that stuns and burns enemies for about 3 seconds.

Check out the gameplay below and let us know what you think in the comments..

UPDATE: We’ve been asked to take down the image showing the Specislist in the main menu. The specialist looks very similar to the Hunter in Destiny except with red pants:


SOURCE: @FineNerds

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