New update from SHG on state of Call of Duty: WWII: dedicated servers, disconnects, and PC

Keshav Bhat

Sledgehammer Games has shared a new update on Reddit about what they are currently working on in regards to Call of Duty: WWII, following their initial update yesterday.

Today’s update on Reddit has revealed details about the dedicated servers, game disconnects, 2XP/progression issues, and an update for PC players.

  • Dedicated Servers – Yesterday, we rolled out dedicated servers on PS4 and have been testing and monitoring performance in the US. We activated XB1 Dedicated Servers for a limited time earlier today for testing. We are also currently expanding limited dedicated servers throughout Europe to test and ensure stability globally.
  • Game Disconnects from Server– Last night’s patch to address disconnects, stats loss and lobby freezes has held and appears to have resolved these issues.
  • 2XP – We extended our Double XP for an additional 24 hours until Tuesday at 10AM PT. Last night’s Game Update also addressed an issue that mistakenly granted 2XP for players since launch, and triggered 3XP over this past weekend. 2XP is now functioning as intended, but for day one players you’ll notice the change in standard XP progression tomorrow. This change matches our normal player progression to our design intent, and we will be monitoring moving forward to ensure the ideal experience for fans.
  • COD Points – As an update to a previous announcement from our Player Support team, the COD Points live date has been moved to November 21 so the team can focus on our top priority items.
  • PC – We deployed an update earlier this morning to address several issues on the PC. We will also issue our comprehensive Game Update in a few hours, which will address several issues we’ve been tracking.


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