MW3 Bit Party playlist explained

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Bit Party Soap, Ghost, and Price in Bitvela

Season 4 Reloaded brings several new maps and variants for MW3 players, including the brand-new experience called Bit Party. This playlist also introduces its own battleground and in-game challenges.

If you’re looking to spice up the multiplayer experience, here’s everything you need to know about MW3’s Bit Party.

What is Bit Party in MW3?

Bit Party is a pixel-themed playlist debuting with Season 4 Reloaded where killing enemies will inflate your Operator’s head and there’s low gravity, allowing you to float around the maps.

These wacky head appearance changes range from small to medium, up to large. However, getting killed resets your Operator’s head to a small size.

Although having a larger head makes players easier targets, it provides additional points by killing enemies in Team Deathmatch, collecting tags in Kill Confirmed, and holding objectives in Hardpoint. Additionally, in Domination, players with larger heads capture flags faster.

Bitvela map variant

Given its theme, the playlist modifier includes Bitvela, a pixel-art-inspired version of the Favela map, alongside a variety of Vortex maps. Similar to the classic version but with an overall twist, the map features “vibrant colors, and pixelated cars, buildings, trees, clouds, and box-like smoke particles.”

The playlist was released along with the Retro Warfare event. This themed event offers players 18 rewards to unlock by simply playing and earning XP. Following previous events, equipping any of the Task Force 141 Operators from the 8-Bit Blitz bundle will grant an XP boost.

MW3 Favela Bitvela map variant
Bitvela retains the original MW3 Favela layout.

Despite being a redesign of the beloved Favela, Bitvela is set to spice things up thanks to this retro look, allowing players to enjoy the map differently.

To maximize the experience, be sure you’re equipped with the best guns, controller, and audio settings, to dominate the competition and earn as many kills as possible – remember, killing enemies will make you a wanted target in Bit Party, so be aware of any threat.