All Modern Warfare 3 campaign rewards & how to get them: Operators, Weapon Blueprint, more

Liam Mackay
Gaz in Modern Warfare 3 campaign

Modern Warfare 3’s campaign will arrive with the full game on November 10, but fans can play it ahead of launch thanks to the early access pre-order bonus. While navigating your way through the story, you can unlock rewards. Here are all of the MW3 campaign rewards and how to get them.

Legendary Call of Duty villain Makarov returns in Modern Warfare 3, sewing chaos on a global scale. Captain Price and Task Force 141 return to stop him, with the campaign taking players to Verdansk and other locations around the world in a mix of the new Open Combat missions and traditional levels.

Similar to Modern Warfare 2, multiplayer content such as Operators and Double XP Tokens are earned through playing the campaign. These have been revealed ahead of the early access period so here are all of Modern Warfare 3’s campaign rewards and how to earn them.

How to get Modern Warfare 3 campaign rewards

Modern Warfare 3 campaign rewards
Modern Warfare 3 offers a secret Weapon Blueprint for completing the campaign.

These Modern Warfare 3 campaign rewards are earned by completing missions in the campaign. There are 14 missions and “almost every one” of them rewards players with a Calling Card, Emblem, Double XP Token, or Operator.

It appears that 13 of these missions will grant players a unique reward, with an Emblem and Weapon Blueprint up for grabs for completing the campaign. Completing the Passenger mission in the MW3 campaign will not result in redeeming a reward.

Here’s every Modern Warfare 3 campaign reward and how to get it:

“Breather” Calling CardOperation 627
30 mins Double Player XP Token & 30 mins Double Weapon XP TokenPrecious Cargo
“Corso” OperatorReactor
“Ghillie Guy” Calling CardPayload
30 mins XP Token & 30m Weapon XP TokenDeep Cover
“Pathfinder” OperatorCrash Site
“Toxic Drip” Calling CardFlashpoint
1 hour Double Player XP Token & 1 hour Double Weapon XP TokenOligarch
“Doc” OperatorHighrise
“Skull Rhapsody” Calling CardFrozen Tundra
1 hour Double Player XP Token & 1 hour Double Weapon XP TokenGora Dam
“Jabber” OperatorDanger Close
Campaign Completion Emblem & Weapon BlueprintTrojan Horse

We’ll be sure to update this list with a look at the secret Blueprint reward for finishing the campaign once it’s revealed.

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