MW3 players delighted as classic CoD 4 Optic returns

Aakash Regmi
MW3 Operator Stash House

MW3 Season 2 Reloaded added a classic optic from Call of Duty 4 to the game, and fans are celebrating it as the returning sight is taking them trip down memory lane.  

The mid-season Reloaded update is now live in MW3 and Warzone. It added two new weapons in SOA Subverter and Soulrender, two brand-new modes in Bounty and Juggermosh, as well as all the usuals you’d expect from the shooter.

It also saw plenty of balancing changes and other additions across the board, and while many are still checking on the major changes, several players have highlighted the return of a classic optic. The optic in question is the classic Red Dot sight, and players are delighted to see it return.

Reddit user ‘TSM-HabZ’ pointed this out in the ModernWarfareIII subreddit saying, “Classic optic is back!”

Many replied how happy they were, as a user wrote, “GOD FINALLY, I’VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG.” Another user said, “BIGGEST SLEDGEHAMMER GAMES W! The best Red Dot sight ever.”

Others said how much it reminds them of previous CoD titles: “Dude I loved this thing in Black Ops 2, so glad to see it back.”

The optic is called Quarters Classic Reflex in MW3, and to unlock it you’ll have to level up the newly added SOA Subverter to level 8. Several players have, however, reported that it was unlocked automatically for them without using the SOA Subverter, so you might already have it unlocked.

It is the classic version of Red Dot sight, which has been part of plenty of original CoD games, starting with CoD 4: Modern Warfare. It was a fan-favorite in Black Ops Cold War and 2022’s MW2 had a similar-ish sight as well in Cronen Mini Pro.

The Red Dot sights have a much cleaner look and visuals, making them one of the sought-after attachments whenever they’re available, so it isn’t particularly surprising its return has players delighted.

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