How to unlock Blue Dot Reticle in Modern Warfare 2

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 Blue Dot Reticle

Modern Warfare 2 players can equip a Blue Dot Reticle for much cleaner visuals when aiming, so here’s how to unlock the fan-favorite reticle.

Back in Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone, the Blue Dot Reticle was highly sought-after with players praising its clean picture and distinct color. While it was extremely time-consuming to unlock in Warzone, it’s much easier in Modern Warfare 2 but with the caveat that there are only a couple of optics it can be used on.

Here are all of the sights that feature the fan-favorite Blue Dot Reticle in Modern Warfare 2, and how to unlock them.

How to equip Blue Dot Reticle in Modern Warfare 2

At launch, there are only two Modern Warfare 2 sights that feature the Blue Dot Reticle: the Cronen Mini Pro and the Corio RE-X Pro.

Unlike Modern Warfare 2019, each sight comes with its own reticle, so you can’t actually change the reticle like you could in the previous Call of Duty games. Instead, you’ll have to use either the Cronen Mini Pro or Corio RE-X Pro to see the blue dot.

Corio RE-X Pro and Cronen Mini Pro in Modern Warfare 2

How to get Blue Dot Reticle in Modern Warfare 2

Here are the requirements to unlock Modern Warfare 2’s two Blue Dot Reticles:

  • Cronen Mini Pro – Reach Level 7 with the Expedite 12 Shotgun
  • Corio RE-X Pro – Reach Level 4 with the .50 GS

Fortunately, neither of these weapons have to be unlocked through a Platform. Once you reach Level 13 you’ll have both unlocked, so check out our guide on leveling up weapons fast.

Best Blue Dot Reticle Optic in Modern Warfare 2

Out of Modern Warfare 2’s two Blue Dot Reticles, we recommend players equip the Cronen Mini Pro.

With a thin, unobtrusive bezel, you’ll be able to see much more of the game around you when aiming with the Cronen Mini Pro. Plus, it looks very similar to the classic MW2 Red Dot sight.

Once you’ve got the Blue Dot Reticle unlocked, you can equip it with some of the best Assault Rifles and SMGs for better accuracy.

Image Credit: Activision

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