MW3 dev confirms hated weapon ruining Hardcore mode is finally getting nerfed

Nathan Warby
MW3 players on Shipment map

Hardcore is a popular mode in MW3 for those looking for a less forgiving experience, and the devs have revealed that one of the most hated weapons in the playlist will be adjusted in Season 4.

Whether you’re looking to grind camo challenges or just prefer the faster TTK, MW3‘s Hardcore has proved extremely popular since launch. However, the RGL-80 Grenade Launcher has been a constant thorn in the side of many players.

The lower health means the launcher can virtually one-shot enemies with a well-placed explosive, making Hardcore the go-to place to level it up and complete challenges on the way to unlocking Interstellar. But players have been complaining that matches, especially on small maps like Shipment, are being dominated by the weapon.

Talk of this issue has made its way back to the dev team, as a Sledgehammer Games dev confirmed that the RGL-80 will be on the receiving end of some changes in Season 4.

In response to the first MW3 Season 4 blog that was posted on Reddit, which revealed a new Aftermarket Part specially designed for the Grenade Launcher, Hardcore players were understandably worried that the problem was about to get worse.

But a dev put those fears to rest, replying: “Hardcore-specific balance adjustments for the RGL-80 are coming in Season 4.”

byu/Kalinine from discussion

They didn’t go into specifics about what these adjustments will be, but it’s likely we’ll see some kind of nerf to make the weapon less effective on smaller maps. This could be a reduction in the effective radius of each explosive, or even a more forgiving period of invulnerability when you first spawn.

However, we’ll have to wait for MW3 Season 4 to arrive on May 29 to know exactly what changes they have planned. The update is also set to introduce plenty more buffs and nerfs across the board, as well as the returning Kar98k and new Superi 46 SMG.

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