14 MP maps; no cross-generation play; not confirming or denying dedicated servers

Keshav Bhat

Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin spoke with Kotaku about Ghosts MP and mentioned a few things that are new.

  • Ghosts will ship with 14 MP maps.
  • There will be no cross generation play for Ghosts – “That, currently from what I understand, is not allowed, so it’s unlikely that that will happen,” Rubin said. “And just from a developer standpoint, I’m not sure it’s a good idea. The main reason why is because, graphically, they’re different. It would be really bad if, graphically, on one machine, the higher-rez, higher-poly smoke is obscuring visibility but on a 360 its not and that would put an advantage in one court or another.
  • Special challenge for the dog: “We do have an interesting challenge… if you see someone around the corner and he kills you and your dog is out and the dog kills the guy who kills you, you get a challenge-completion called ‘Martyr Dog.'”
  • The destruction is not as much as Battlefield; game has triggered events; some are player activated; you can shot out some walls
  • “As far as speed is concerned I think the players move maybe 5% slower, maybe 2% slower, but at the same time they actually move over stuff faster, so the effect is that you feel like you’re moving through the world faster than ever before.”

SOURCE: Kotaku

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