Modern Warfare 3 devs reveal War mode return

Max Candelarezi
Modern Warfare 3 operator in Favela

After Modern Warfare 3’s reveal event in Warzone, the devs have officially shared a ton of details about the game, including the return of the original WWII large player count mode called War to this year’s game.

Following Modern Warfare 3‘s reveal event in Warzone, Call of Duty officially shared new details about the multiplayer, campaign, and zombies modes in this year’s game, including the return of beloved features like the classic minimap, the addition of MW2 (2009)’s full map roster, and long-requested movement changes.

Further, Call of Duty also announced all editions and pre-order bonuses and teased the return of a fan-favorite mode from Call of Duty: WWII.

Modern Warfare 3 War mode confirmed

The CoD War mode will be making a return in Modern Warfare 3 at launch on November 10, 2023. This original Sledgehammer Games mode was first seen in 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII.

According to CoD’s MW3 reveal blog post, the game will feature a “single colossal map” in order to host the return of War mode. In MW3, the mode will be an “evolution” of its first iteration, possibly updating certain features.

Call of Duty: World War II Operators in War mode
The War mode featured narrative-driven experiences developed by SHG in CoD: WWII.

The initial iteration of CoD’s War mode involved an attacking team tasked with accomplishing strategic objectives, while the opposing team defended these objectives. At the end of a round, teams would swap roles, ensuring both teams had the opportunity to attack and defend.

The mode stood out due to its exclusively crafted levels, providing players access to immersive encounters with narratives tailored for each experience, which were aligned with the campaign story.

The devs haven’t shared specific details about the updated version of War, but it’s expected that more information will be shared once we approach the game’s launch.

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