GameStop Employee Leaks “Call of Duty: ECLIPSE” Marketing Poster/Stand-UPDATE



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UPDATE: charlieINTEL has been able to confirm with our local GameStop that they have received these promotional images from Activison and that on May 2nd, “preorders will begin for this new game”.

It’s looking more and more like the leaked poster for “Black Ops 2” is real. A clearer image appeared from a GameStop employee along with a second image (above) of a marketing stand for in-store use which shows the “05-02-12” date again along with 15 boxes for “Multi”. It’s still anybody’s guess as to what those squares mean. We think Multi might have something to so with “multi-platform”.

The biggest news to come out of this is the reference to “Call of Duty: ECLIPSE” in the GameStop marketing material. The words “Activision Project” were also noted.. It’s still unclear if ECLIPSE is the sequel to Black Ops or a brand new title, however the “return for debriefing” still implies it’s a sequel for Treyarch.

SOURCE: Gamerplex

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