GameInformer talks with Infinity Ward developers in their latest podcast

Keshav Bhat

GameInformer hosted a podcast with Infinity Ward’s Studio Art Director Brian Horton and Design Director Jacob Minkoff. They were asked questions from the community, and they answered many of them.

Side note: there’s no multiplayer details in the podcast. MP details are coming Sept. 2 at Call of Duty XP.

Here’s a summary of some of the details they talked about:

  • You get to chose which missions you want to do in Infinite Warfare, including many side missions.
  • Infinite Warfare features missions on Titan, the moon of Saturn. The game features a mission on Titan. Also mission on an asteroid. As previously noted, the sun plays an effect on that mission.
  • Game stays within our solar system.
  • “It’s not just about the theme of going to space. It’s the fundamental gameplay things we can do.” – Minkoff
  • Majority of the flights you make are dangerous — it’s cutting edge technology.
  • “It’s still Call of Duty. Still feels like something you can relate too.” – Horton
  • Retribution ship takes damage during first mission of the game. This ship is repaired over the course of the game, but still takes more damage throughout the campaign. Traveling through the solar system will bring dangers — engine failures, radiation issues, and more.
  • “Real fundamental gameplay damage.” – Minkoff
  • There are no aliens in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. “Looking at making a plausible future.” – Minkoff
  • SDF is a “brutal” military group; already left Earth over 30 years before Infinite Warfare’s start.
  • The character you play, Reyes, will talk throughout the story. “The story that we’re telling is about what it takes to be the Commander of a military force. He needed a voice.” – Minkoff
  • “Call of Duty is basically it’s own genre now. Each of the three studios have their own flavor.” – Minkoff
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a new story, separate from Call of Duty: Ghosts.
  • “We are all really inspired by Modern Warfare. I am positive that you will see the DNA of Modern Warfare in our campaign.” – Minkoff
  •  The game is really hardcore, authentic military in space.
  • Jackal is NOT on the rails. Once it’s time to engage in zero-g battles, it a little more scripted to get out of the Jackal. But it’s full control again once you are fighting in the battle.
  • They have not finalized the full progression system in campaign yet, but they are working on adding in cool unlocks for those who complete all the side missions in the campaign.
  • Infinite Warfare’s movement system is “very much in line” with Black Ops 3’s movement system.
  • More on the movement system here.
  • “Will the mechs will playable vehicles?” “Spoilers…” – Minkoff
  • Horton has said that they have been reading the forums regarding feedback.
  • “You make a game you believe in. We work on games for…years. To get you through development without telling anyone, you have to have a strong passion for it. When you release your first reveal…you still have the same passion for it that has been driving you for years…so yeah, everyone sees stuff, but you still have that passion.” – Minkoff
  • “We have a big passionate fan base.” – Horton

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube here:

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