Frustrated Cold War players beg for dedicated Zombies servers

Andrew Highton
cod cold war player shooting at zombies

After years of enduring P2P and host migration issues with CoD Zombies, players feel it’s finally time for Activision to either user servers or make a standalone game.

The early days of Call of Duty online multiplayer were always hampered by P2P, the process of one player being the host of a lobby, meaning if they left or lost connection, then the whole lobby would be disconnected.

Eventually, the franchise transitioned to host migration, meaning that the game would switch to another player’s connection if the host left.

Multiplayer would move onto dedicated servers for complete stability, however, Zombies has never used dedicated servers for any game. One player has begun a campaign for change by saying, “P2P and host migration need to be abolished for Zombies.”

zombies walking towards the screen in cod

It’s understandable that fans of the undead-slaying mode want more stability as games of Zombies can last several hours if played well.

It’s feasible for players to lose that entire session due to a connection error or the host leaving the game unexpectedly.

Reddit user AbsoIution says, “95% of issues with Zombies people have in Cold War is due to sh*tty P2P. Warping in Outbreak and lose connection? Host’s game probably crashed. Guy goes down and leaves, forcing a 30-second host migration screen before kicking you to the menu.

“I had a game where I joined on Wave 7, it’s really laggy, but I tank it out. At Wave 15, the host goes down and then quits, kicking me back to the main menu, a complete waste of time.”

The argument reinforces the belief that players struggle to commit to games of Zombies as the potential loss of time is annoying.

The poster continues saying, “Please implement servers for Zombies, if you can’t do it in Cold War, ensure your next game has it. I don’t want to play Solo all the time, but Multiplayer is appalling due to player hosting.”

Not only do other players agree with this, but they think that Activision could go one step further and just focus on making a full Zombies game.

“If this is the case, then CoD really needs a standalone Zombies title. They could just make it a separate purchase, put a dedicated team to it, and even tie weapons progression to the corresponding CoD that comes with it, along with the succeeding CoDs. I’m all for the plan of Zombies being its own thing and having a team dedicated solely to it.

Give that Treyarch has to manage Die Maschine, Firebase Z, Outbreak, and Dead Ops 3, it would make sense to have a dedicated Zombies game in the future with branching stories and missions.

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