Forgotten Warzone AR is “no recoil” beast thanks to OP new attachment

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Kastov 762 loadout JAK Requiem attachment

Each seasonal update brings new Aftermarket Parts that can turn underrated weapons into meta contenders. A Season 4 attachment transforms a forgotten MW2 AR into a perfect pick for Resurgence boasting “no recoil.”

In Warzone TTK and recoil are crucial stats when picking up a gun. As a result, many players are continuously seeking the best loadout that strikes the perfect balance to excel in the battle royale.

With Season 4, the Weekly Challenge system added the new JAK Requiem AMP attachment that allows players to completely remove the recoil from the Kastov 762. Since the weapon is from MW2, it has been overlooked since Warzone was integrated with MW3.

Given the importance of low recoil, removing it entirely makes the MW2 weapon a popular choice for Resurgence. While its bullet velocity isn’t the greatest, utilizing the best Kastov 762 loadout can address the shortcomings and allow it to compete with the game’s best weapons.

Since its release, the “zero recoil” Assault Rifle has taken over social media, with several content creators highlighting its viability, especially for players who are often looking for no recoil builds.

Among them is WhosImmortal, who also pointed out that although its TTK won’t be as competitive as most meta weapons, the lack of recoil will enable you to land significantly more shots than other guns.

Despite having around 800ms TTK, which is slower than the MCW or MTZ-556‘s ~700ms TTK, the improved accuracy makes it much more valuable, bridging the TTK gap.

If you normally find it difficult to keep your gun straight when shooting, the Kastov 762 with the JAK Requiem Aftermarket Part could be the ideal pick for you in Warzone, especially on maps like Rebirth Island or Vondel.

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