CoD players beg for major change to Battle Pass system ahead of Modern Warfare 3

Warzone OperatorsActivision

Ahead of Modern Warfare 3’s release, CoD players say they’re tired of the current Battle Pass system and are looking for a major change in the next title, Modern Warfare 3.

Since the launch of Warzone in 2020, Call of Duty have introduced a free and premium Battle Pass system that allows players to earn an amazing amount of content by playing the game, or optionally purchasing CoD Points and paying for the content they want.

While the system worked, and players eagerly expected the release of a new Battle Pass with each season, with the release of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, Call of Duty introduced a fresh battle base system, which to this day, continues to cause some displeasure.

Battle Pass grind is “ridiculously crazy”

In a discussion within the Call of Duty subreddit, user bwesty0227 expressed that the current Battle Pass grind is “ridiculously crazy” for many players, and therefore needs a change.

They went further explaining that to unlock the full Battle Pass in a season, which is equivalent to over 56 days, players would have to play “somewhere around 3 hours every day.” He followed saying it’s “f***ing crazy” whether you “work, attend school or have other games you want to play.”

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“What Activision needs to do, is remove the FOMO. Let you keep your BP,” added another player below the user’s post. This refers to the “fear of missing out” content, which in this case, players have bought or already unlocked.

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“If you’ve paid for something, you shouldn’t still have to worry about not receiving what you’ve paid for,” another user expressed, and further added, “I’m surprised that Battle Passes with limited-time availability are still a common practice.”

MW2 Warzone 2 Season 5 Reloaded weaponsActivision
MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 5 Battle Pass brought a host of new weapons.

Another user offered a different perspective, saying, “The FOMO is the point. The goal is maximizing profits, not user enjoyment. An addicted customer is far more lucrative than a happy one.”

While the system seems to be functioning well, with the $30 Blackcell premium Battle Pass being a top-selling item, there’s still anticipation for modifications to the Battle Pass due to the significant changes SHG are planning to implement in Modern Warfare 3.

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