CoD Mobile Season 9 early patch notes: Release date, classic Zombies, new map & events, more

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CoD Mobile Season 9 Graveyard ShiftActivision

CoD Mobile Season 9 Graveyard Shift introduces a range of exciting Halloween-themed additions to the game, including a fresh multiplayer map, a new weapon, game mode, and more.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 Graveyard Shift is just around the corner, and players can look forward to a wealth of fresh content and improvements coming with the new season. Whether you’re in search of new weapons, or exciting events, this new season has a wide array of offerings to cater to everyone.

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We’ll cover everything ranging from the release date and the addition of a fresh multiplayer map, new weapon, Fright Factory event, and beyond, all aimed at ensuring you’re thoroughly informed and ready to enjoy the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about CoD Mobile Season 9 Graveyard Shift.

CoD Mobile Season 9 release date

The CoD Mobile Season 9 Graveyard Shift update will be released on October 4 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET and October 5 at 1 AM BST.

CoD Mobile Season 9 new weapon & Perk

CoD Mobile Season 9 brings a new free weapon and Perk featuring Modern Warfare 2019’s CX-9 SMG at Tier 21 and the new Launcher Plus Perk at Tier 14 of the Battle Pass into the game.

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The new CX-9 SMG is described by the CoD Blog as a weapon that “boasts excellent maneuverability and a fast fire rate,” which makes it perfect for short to mid-range combat.

Launcher Plus Perk

As for the Launcher Plus perk, this will greatly increase the functionality of Launchers by “adding two extra reserve ammo and providing a 20% chance to immediately earn any Scorestreak you eliminate with your equipped Launcher.”

Zombies Classic & Undead Siege return in CoD Mobile Season 9

Zombies fans have a reason to be excited, as CoD Mobile’s Season 9 for Halloween brings back both Undead Siege and the classic Zombies experience.

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Undead Siege

In Undead Siege, players have to face a zombified version of the Battle Royale map Isolated working alongside their teammates to survive over a period of five days and five nights. Scavenge by day, fight off hordes by night, set up turrets for extra defense, and maintain the teleporter for a safe escape.

Zombies Classic

The Zombies Classic experience allows players to enjoy World at War’s Shi No Numa in a classic round-based mode. Battle increasingly dangerous waves of zombies with your squad. Earn points to unlock new routes, buy Perks, and strengthen your arsenal using the Mystery Box.

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CoD Mobile players confronting zombiesActivision
Undead Siege was originally introduced with CoD Mobile’s Season 6: The Heat.

CoD Mobile Season 9 Haunted Standoff & Hacienda maps

Continuing with the Halloween season, multiplayer maps Standoff and Hacienda will receive the spooky treatment in CoD Mobile Season 9 as both will be transformed with Halloween-themed content like Jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts, hanging bats, and more as well as a nighttime transition.

CoD Mobile Patrol multiplayer mode

Originally from CoD Vanguard, CoD Mobile Season 9’s Patrol multiplayer mode challenges players to capture and hold a single point called the Patrol zone that moves around the map. The objective stops when the zone becomes contested. Operators score points by standing in the Patrol Zone.

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CoD Mobile Season 9 Halloween-themed event

Activision have also announced that CoD Mobile Season 9 will incorporate exciting Halloween-themed events allowing players the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards. These events include Fright Factory, Ghost Chasing Spectral Smackdown, and Team-Up Rank Shield.

Halloween-themed CoD Mobile Season 9 Operator skinsActivision
CoD Mobile Season 9 will offer players a wealth of new Halloween-themed cosmetics.

Fright Factory

Acquire Pumpkin Candy lottery tickets by successfully completing challenges in Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes, which can then be used to unlock exclusive milestone rewards.

Ghost Chasing Spectral Smackdown

Utilize the energy gained from accomplishing daily challenges to accumulate points and access milestone rewards. The Ghost Sovereign King yields two points, the Ghost Soldier grants one point, and striking the Bomb Ghost deducts a point from your total.

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Team-Up Rank Shield

This Ranked Play-based event will allow players to avoid losing Rank XP if they lose the match, although this protection isn’t unlimited.

CoD Mobile Season 9 multiplayer updates

CoD Mobile Season 9 will introduce new multiplayer updates for the Prop Hunt and Ranked Search & Rescue modes.

  • Prop Hunt Update: New maps and props will be added to the mode, including new rules and mechanics that alter the human and prop interaction.
  • Ranked Search & Rescue: The mode will be introduced into the pool of Ranked Multiplayer game modes. In this particular mode, when a player gets eliminated, they will leave behind a tag. If a teammate manages to pick up this dropped tag before the enemy does, the eliminated player will have a chance to respawn.

Similar to previous seasons, CoD Mobile Season 9 brings new seasonal challenges and featured events that will unlock additional rewards like Operator skins, weapon blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and more.

  • New Signature Attachment: Players will have to equip the Thunder Rounds Signature attachment for the HS0405 Shotgun, which will provide special ammunition that shatters after traveling a certain distance.

All in all, that’s everything we know about Call of Duty Mobile Season 9. We’ll update this article with the full patch notes once they’re revealed.

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