Call of Duty teases incoming map update for Blackout in Black Ops 4

Keshav Bhat

Activision has shared a new teaser video on the Call of Duty social channels teasing an update to the Blackout map, which appears to be releasing on Tuesday, December 11 based on the date in the bottom left of the video.

The new video showcases a blimp on the radar between Nuketown Island and Construction Site in Blackout, suggesting the possibility that the recently teased Hijacked could be the newest addition to the Blackout map. It makes perfect sense for the boat to be placed in that area, as there’s a lot of open space between those two locations.

This would mark the first update to the Blackout map since the game’s launch on October 12. Treyarch informed fans prior to launch that there’s plans for a lot of map updates and content updates for Blackout to come, but thus far, there hasn’t been any for the mode yet.

As with other new content, all playable Black Ops 4 content is first on PS4, so this Blackout map update will be available on December 11 on PS4 with Xbox One and PC release to follow 7 days later.